Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dangers Of Plagiarism

The World Wide Web has certainly opened the floodgates of information to us that can almost be saturating to a point. Because of the wealth and ease of information that is being exchanged over the Internet, almost anyone and everyone can just simply post and upload whatever they want to, at any given day and time. While there are endless advantages to doing so, this also subjects serious writers like us to plagiarism and people who will take someone else’s work as their own. Here are some of the true and impending dangers of scams and plagiarisms, and why the consequences can really be severe.

Loss of Confidence and Trust

If you are writing for a living, your online reputation is extremely important to you. I have honestly obsessed myself with online haters posting nasty comments on other people’s blogs in fear of having one of my own. “Borrowing” someone else’s line, article or post can have the same effect. When we use someone else’s original work without their permission, we expose ourselves to potential loss of trust from our readers and our audience, which can have a devastating impact to how we deal with others, whether remotely or in person.

Lack of Credibility

As a blogger and a writer, a lot is riding on the posts that we publish. Our credibility is what keeps us going because our readers continue to support our passion and what we put out for them to see. Anyone who is caught plagiarizing or using someone else’s work can make us lose projects, or even our jobs in the process. This is especially true for businesses who want to maintain the integrity of their brand.

Legal Troubles

Plagiarism, when proven, can be subject to grave legal offenses, depending on the degree of circumstances. While others may unconsciously quote what another person said or wrote without their permission, others have blatantly claimed someone else’s work as their own, and the truth is that they can have huge liabilities if they are caught.

These are but some of the many different dangers that plagiarism will subject you to. It is always best to have your work checked by a scam detector to ensure that your work is safe from these types of crimes. Good luck!

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