Monday, February 6, 2012

Sensational Writing Or Sticking To The Facts?

When we talk about reality, we already know that the truth will not always paint a pretty picture. No matter how much we try, there will always be certain aspects of the truth that will not be favorable to your target audience. As an experienced writer, it can sometimes be very tempting to just write about something so that your readers will continue to adore your work and clamor for it. The ugly truth is that this goes against the principles of every intelligent writer there is. If you are writing about facts and events that have transpired, you are breaking the code of ethics if you try to exaggerate or underplay things simply for your audience’s benefit.

This is not to say that writing truthfully can be an easy task. Sure, if we are talking about the evening news and relaying the events that happened, it can be quite easy to provide the who, what, when, where and why. The fact of the matter is that there is a tremendous amount of competition in the industry today, and with the emergence of those TV magazine shows and reality pranks, the more sensational an article is, the more readers you would acquire. While you may be able to enjoy the benefits of having someone support your work because it was intriguing, you should also keep in mind that the American audience is a lot smarter than ever before, and you can ruin your reputation just in exchange for a scandal that was not even worth it.

If you are writing about truthful events, make sure that you are able to stick to it without compromising your own writing style and personality. If at all needed, you can start to tell a story in your own words, but make that clear in your article. There are times wherein we want to inject our own opinions, and that’s okay. Just make sure that you are able to make that distinction clear to your audience so that you do not lead them on the wrong path.

Facts are going to be important, even if they may seem less interesting, you will understand that the truth is a lot more sustainable than being sensational.

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