Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Watch Out for Time-Wasting Twitter Scam

Seems like I've only written about Grammarly scam detection at this point - time to broaden my horizons. Just cuz I have a new toy doesn't mean that's the only thing I can write about right?

The latest thing to hit my radar is a Twitter-based scam that claims to tell you how much time you've been wasting on Twitter, and then tricks you into letting a "rogue application" access your Twitter account. Nefarious.

The app then tweets a message onto a Twitter feed, claiming that victims spent 11.6 hours on Twitter, however little or much time they really have logged up on the micro-blogging service before directing victims to a time-wasting survey that earns money for scammers.

The approach is familiar to the wave of survey scam apps that have bedevilled Facebook users for many months but is new to Twitter. Affected users are advised to revoke the application's access to their Twitter account immediately.

More at The Register

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